Wife. Mother. Gangster.

Straight thuggin' in the 'burbs.

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27 July 1973
So, a little about me. Um. Woo, do I hate stuff like this. Ok, here we go -- I'm Steph. I'm a 40-something stay-at-home mom.

I'm married to Bill and have three kids: Matt, Lenna and Tricia. We've got a cat (Trixie) and a dog (Faith). My husband says no more pets. I say we need a bird and some fish. So, we'll see.

I'm addicted to media. Books, TV, music, movies...I'm a junkie. I love it all. A bonus is that I can knit or crochet while I feed my addictions (except the one to books). Multitasking things I love? Yes, please.

My basic stance in life is "Do your thing, and let me do mine." Don't get me wrong -- I have strong opinions on a lot of topics, but that's mostly just for the sake of argument. When it comes down to real-life, though, I'm one of those folks who lives and lets live.

Yeah. I'm all done talking about myself now. :D

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